Beach Alam Indah


Some Tegal attractions to visit include:

* Beach Alam Indah (PAI) which is equipped pavilion, sentry monitors, waterboom, Marine Monument, and the stage entertainment.
* Tours include foods: cottage eating bacteria road (pokanjari), lesehan in seputaran Jalan A Yani (at night), seafood restaurants in the area of the PAI and a floating restaurant boat "Lor ing Margi" which opened in August 2009, Miraos restaurants, restaurants Sari Laguna, etc.
* Star hotel in the town of Tegal: Maritime Inn, Karlita International Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Alexander, New Susana, Paramesti, Riez Palace. In addition there are dozens of jasmine-class hotel.
* Shopping malls: Pacific Mall, Dedy Jaya Plaza, Rita Super Mall.
* Tour hobby: bird markets (pets shop
* Garden Teapot: a small park located in front of Tegal railway station is equipped with games and decorated anak2 lights, perfect for families who want to "Jagongan" because a lot of vendors hawking foods of Tegal + Poci

on Friday night Kliwon


Some tourist attraction in Tegal regency, among others:

* Hot Water Bathing Vases, located in District Bumijawa, on the slopes of Mount Slamet, about 30 km from the town of Slawi.

In Vases are 10 waterfalls. Among them was Bath Shower 13, which does have a shower amounted to 13 pieces. In the Shower 7, local residents often bathe and shower, because it is believed to cure skin diseases. Climbed back up the waterfall there is a firearm (taken from a village chief in the ancient times). Vases are also rented out at a horse to enjoy the scenery around with reasonable prices. Tourism Object Vases very busy especially on Friday night Kliwon, some people believe in the mystical reasons.
This tourism object is a variety of facilities such as lodging, forest tourism (ecotourism), heated swimming pool, tennis court, soccer field, hotels, villas and campground.

* Hotels and villas in the District Bumijawa cold.
* Purwahamba Indah Beach, located in District Suradadi, on the sidewalk Pantura
* CACABAN Reservoir, located in District Kedung banteng.