Beach Alam Indah

Some Tegal attractions to visit include:

* Beach Alam Indah (PAI) which is equipped pavilion, sentry monitors, waterboom, Marine Monument, and the stage entertainment.
* Tours include foods: cottage eating bacteria road (pokanjari), lesehan in seputaran Jalan A Yani (at night), seafood restaurants in the area of the PAI and a floating restaurant boat "Lor ing Margi" which opened in August 2009, Miraos restaurants, restaurants Sari Laguna, etc.
* Star hotel in the town of Tegal: Maritime Inn, Karlita International Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Alexander, New Susana, Paramesti, Riez Palace. In addition there are dozens of jasmine-class hotel.
* Shopping malls: Pacific Mall, Dedy Jaya Plaza, Rita Super Mall.
* Tour hobby: bird markets (pets shop
* Garden Teapot: a small park located in front of Tegal railway station is equipped with games and decorated anak2 lights, perfect for families who want to "Jagongan" because a lot of vendors hawking foods of Tegal + Poci